Adult Fiction

Nikki Chen contacts her old flame, Jared, even though both parties are married to other people. What starts as a brief dalliance and escape from the pain of her dying marriage becomes a journey across time. Nikki must choose: going back to the way things were or forging forward into unknown territory.

An anthology of short stories about time travel, fantasy worlds, and romance.

Children’s Books

It’s Pet Adoption Day! By Jackqueline Lou

The pet shelter holds an adoption event in the park and a young family finally adopts a sweet Black Labrador named Scooter.

As time goes on, Scooter gets older. He has been a good and loyal dog and his time on Earth has come to an end.

Scooter is determined to be reunited with his family and will do whatever it takes. Even if the circumstances are far from purrfect.

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