It’s me! Jackqueline, or just “J”. I am constantly seeking balance through meditation and self-care. I refuse to live my life unfulfilled so I’m showing up for myself and my passions. Que sera sera!


Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jackqueline Lou and I’m a writer and actor. I live in Southern California with my seven-year-old son and cat.

My life started in Sydney, Australia after my parents immigrated there from Burma and Singapore, respectively. My sister was first and I came along 20 months later. When I was nine, we packed it all up and moved to Orange County, California to be closer to my grandparents. It was here that I discovered my two loves; writing and acting.

At the age of ten, I developed my love for writing because of reading a gamut of works from Danielle Steel to the Babysitter’s Club series. I kept collections of notebooks with my poems and stories scrawled throughout. A few years ago, I briefly lived in San Francisco and this is where the writing bug really bit me. I sat on the dunes of Ocean Beach most days, if there was no rain, with my dog and wrote till my hand hurt. I consumed the classics and modern titles and read 4 books a week. I was offered a job as a reporter for a magazine and took various jobs as a copywriter.

I developed my love for acting in junior high at twelve, when I found that getting up in front of an audience and pretending to be someone else was a lot of fun and a positive outlet for my mental health. Of course, I love being myself most of all and telling stories others can relate to and enjoy.

I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a B.A. in Creative Writing and English and plan to pursue a master’s in Screenwriting.

I believe diversity matters. Growing up, I never saw people that looked like me on screen, thankfully this is slowly changing, but there’s so much more work to do. I am here for it.


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