The Pandemic Reignited My Purpose

It was a sunny afternoon in Fullerton, California, about 35 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. I was inside on this sunny day, but it was a sunny day during 2020’s lockdown, so I can’t tell you how the sun’s rays glided across my shoulders or how the grass crushed beneath my sandaled feet. I supposeContinue reading “The Pandemic Reignited My Purpose”

What It Means to Be Asian and American

While my authorial identity is important to me, equally important is my identity as an Asian American. When you grow up Asian in predominately white neighborhoods in Australia and the US as I did, you have two choices when it comes to your cultural heritage; downplay it/ignore it and live in crippling shame or embraceContinue reading “What It Means to Be Asian and American”

“Why Did You Become a Writer?”

This is a common question posed by friends, acquaintances, and relatives. It’s a difficult question to answer however because I can’t pinpoint the exact moment my love for writing started. I know that writers always start as readers. I can confirm this as I became an avid reader at a young age. My mom readContinue reading ““Why Did You Become a Writer?””